Rickrolling is sexist, racist and often transphobic in context

The rickroll is a kind of postmodern “shared joke” that can be used to dissipate online social anxiety—at least inasfar as everyone “gets” it. But among whom is that implicit context shared, really? The truth, according to this insightful longread at Medium, is that rickrolling is highly problematic, especially in its dependence upon the semiotics of cisgendered discourse. [via] rickroll

Rickrolling is sexist, racist and often transphobic in context – Boing Boing.

First Post

Hello from California.  I live here now, in the East Bay, half the time.  Welcome to this, whatever it is.

Here’s the situation with livid.org: I often talk with people about crap I’ve saw on the net or things I’ve been researching or have heard that I find interesting, and I don’t always remember where it was that I read something. Part of my intention for this page which you are reading is for it to be a sort of landing place for links and thoughts and comments on things.  I will offend, and be offended.  I will also be posting short updates on what I’m doing with my time, if I feel like it.  So that’s the idea.  I don’t want to FriendFace, or Twit, but I do want to put some things out there sometimes, so I’m doing this.  Take that fuckers!

The server on which I’m running this and a bunch of other things is an old slow little thing, so, we get unpredictable performance too.

Here’s the situation with me in real life: I’m here, in the East bay, in a very modern apartment with the beautiful lady Emily half the time, and in the Puget Sound area in Washington, in my weird shop with my meatspace projects half the time.  It’s looking like it will usually be in periods of about two weeks in each place.  It’s been pretty crazy so far.  I think I like it.

Boxes, and Emily
Believe it or not, we are almost done unpacking.

It doesn’t really feel like home yet, because we’re not quite moved in.  So many boxes! Emily did most of the unpacking, because it’s her stuff.

The building was built last year.  It’s a little weird living someplace so new, but nothing is fucked up yet, and that’s nice.  I am used to living in places that have been falling apart for a while.

We’re pretty close to the BART.  It’s a short ride into Oakland, and less than an hour to San Francisco. I wish that we had something like it in the South Puget Sound.  So damn convenient.

The view from my window.
The view from my window.

I have an office in the apartment where I spend a very large amount of my time.  It has a window, which is something that the office I’ve been in for seven fucking years dos not.  It makes a huge difference having natural light in the room.  It’s better.  The view is mostly of concrete and cars.  It gets pretty in the distance where the hills fade into the smog.  It really is beautiful here.

So, now you know what’s up.  I’ll be back up North in a couple of weeks.  If you have any comments, comment.  Watch this space, I’ll probably post stuff.